The church is open Monday to Friday 10 - 16,
Saturday 10 - 13
and Sunday during the Mass.

High mass every Sunday 10 a.m.

Every Friday: Short service 4 p.m.

The history of the church - briefly told
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Sct. Mortens kirke, Randers

Sct. Mortens kirke
Sct. Mortens kirke - drawing by Per Illum

Named after St. Martin of Tours (died 400) this church was built about 1494 - 1520 as a replacement of an older church and transferred to the Holy Ghost-order. The tower was added 1795 - 97. Since 1534 it has been a parish-church.

Sct. Morten
Seal of the Holy-Spirit-Monastery

Sct. Morten
Drawing of Morten the Bishop

The pulpit was made l689 by the carver Laurids Jensen, Essenbæk. The reliefs represent scenes from the life of Jesus. The pulpit is supported by Moses with the tables of the law. The altar piece dates from 1765, the organ from 1751. The font was made in porcelain by Jais Nielsen in 1948. The choir-gate with the 4 evangelists was granted to the church in 1685. The so-called font-cover was carved by Laurids Jensen, Essenbæk, in 1695. The reliefs deal with baptism. The brass-chandeliers were granted to the church hy Randers-citizens throughout the centuries. The eldest in 1605, the youngest (in the porch) in 1976. Many epitaphs and gravestones over important Randers-citizens from various times are found in the church. Originally the main-entrance was used for funerals only. The reliefs (by Laurids Jensen, Essenbæk, in 1700) deal with death and resurrection.

Celebrating the church's 500th anniversary the large organ (52 stops) has been totally renovated. The facade is a very beautiful barockfacade from 1751 built the vice-burgo-master at that time Soeren Simonsen, who also has built the original organ. In 1918 the radical decision was made to destroy everything behind the facade and replace it by a more or less symphonic, pneumatic organ. There has been a lot of trouble with that organ during the last nearly 80 years. But now the organ has been re-established as a reliable and up-to-date tracker-action organ.

Furthermore a collection took place to give the church a carillon. It is a nice and large concert instrument: 49 bells. 36 of them are daily played automatically.

Ulrik R. Damm
(organist at St. Morten's church)
Vinkelstræde 9
8900 Randers